Monday was the start of Rehab Awareness Week and Hyden Health and Rehab made sure they were prepared for the hoopla. To celebrate the first day for ‘Physical Therapy Awareness,’ they had tailgating games, which included corn hole, ring toss and football toss. On Tuesday, to celebrate ‘Speech Therapy Awareness,’ staff and residents wore their favorite sports team’s shirt and they set up a concession stand for hot dogs and popcorn to give off the feel of attending a big game while they gave away prizes and learned about speech therapy.

Wednesday consisted of movie showings of football films. First, the residents watched Denzel Washington’s “Remember the Titans” and then finished the day out with “Friday Night Lights” and walking away with the motto of “Clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose.” Thursday was GameDay Bingo and had football drills in the parking lot where the resident with the fastest time wins an authentic Coach purse.

Hyden Health and Rehab concluded the week week by learning about “Occupational Therapy Awareness” and a cooking class. The agenda is for residents and staff to come away with more awareness and to tackle their goals with therapy.